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AC-40W Air Change 40W

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AC-40W Air Change 40W

If you change existing ventilator or duct to Air Change, it saves energy. Mold germ and mold odor are removed and it is good to prevent food poisoning. It makes pleasant environment. If you change restaurant ventilation to Air Change, it removes barbecue odor and smoke and you can inhale good air. Smoke odor removal of a large smoking room can be made perfectly by Air Change.

│ Description │
AIR CHANGE, 10 times effect when pulling. Release smoking smoke

  • Easy to change filter and cheap
  • Air Change can solve air problem in indoor golf room, PC room, academy, hospital, underground rooms etc.
  • Classroom needs Air Change AC-40w to supply legal ventilation and to save more energy than heat exchanger.
  • Keep warm air on ceiling and pull harmful airs on bottom

Perfect solution with Air Change on PC room smoking, paint odor and underground mold odor.

│ Feature │

  • AIR CHANGE, 10 times effect when pulling
  • Principle Perfect removal of sick house syndrome
  • 10 times effect when pulling with air pressure

Due to oxygen shortage when people sleep while closing the door.
Cancer increased twice for 10 years from 2003 to 2013.
Dementia increased twice for 7 years from 2003 to 2010.
Accordingly, it supplies legal ventilation during sleep for 6 to 7 hours.

“Benzene” is defined as carcinogen by WHO. All harmful materials like benzene, toluene and xylene are laid on floor as they are heavier than air. Thus, sleeping time may be the time of having harmful materials. That is called sick house syndrome.

From the 21stcentury, insulating materials are used to save energy. To save energy, inner and outer windows are closed. People close the door because of car noise.

If the gap on window is blocked with a tape, it may cause atopy, dementia and cancer. Air change supplies legal ventilation. It is a ventilation system for energy saving.

│ AC-40W installed on window │
Perfect ventilation with 1 installation. 600,000 won including installation charge. Removal odor at a smoking room. Recruit representative agency: Patent goods supply, patented technology on installation know-how. We provide profitable patented technology and installation know-how.

│ Application │


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